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27AUG2021: This page is currently undergoing an update following the renewal of our Loyalty Program, please stay tuned for the latest update. 

DD101 Loyalty Program FAQ


What is DD101 Loyalty Program? 


DD101 Loyalty Program ain’t your ordinary rewards program. There are perks here. Surprises here. Parties here. It’s a loyalty program you will not regret signing up for!

What’s better than earning points and rewards when all you gotta do is build healthy habits, and keeping your home clean, safe and healthy? 


What are Member Points? 


Member Points are like cash, but better. 


Where do I check my Store Credits and Member Points?


You can check your Store Credits and Member Points balance on your account dashboard. Store Credits and Member Points will take up to 72 hours to be reflected on your account. 

Click here to login to your account. 


Do I get DD101 Member Points when I purchase DD101 Products in store? 


Unfortunately, not. DD101 Member Points can only be earned on shop.dd101solution.com. Any transactions that occur in one of DD101’s partner retail stores will not count to the D101 Loyalty Program. 


I purchased something but didn’t receive any points. What’s going on? 


Points are only assigned to customers who sign up to be a part of #ProjectDD101 Loyalty Program. If you have questions, please contact our customer service team here


Welcome Credits 


When you register as a member, you are entitled to 25 store credits for your first purchase as a welcome gift. 


Welcome credits have a validity of 7 days (counting from the day you signed up), the 25 store credits will automatically expire if not used in full after 7 days.


Birthday Credits 


30 Store Credits are rewarded to you as Birthday Credits on your birthday month and have a validity of 30 days,  starting from the 12am of your birth date.  


The 30 store credits will expire after 30 days validity automatically. Unused credits will also expire after 30 days (counting from the 12am of your birth date).


How do I refer a friend? 


All you have to do is log in to your DD101 Member Dashboard and share your unique referral link to your friend! 


I’ve referred DD101 to a friend on social, why haven’t I got extra points?


You need to make sure you share me via your DD101 Member Login Dashboard


You will see a section on your dashboard called ‘Member Referral Campaign’ - Copy the unique link for you and share it with your friend. 

You will get your DD101 store credits after your friend makes their purchase and the delivery is made. 


My friend referred me to DD101, what can I do to redeem my store credits for my first purchase? 


First, you have to click onto your friend’s unique link and you will be led to the page where a notification will prompt you to sign up to get 10 store credits for your first purchase. All you gotta do is follow the steps and make a purchase, the store credits will be automatically applied at your check out page! Store credits are calculated based on your order ‘Subtotal’, excluding delivery charges. 


How do the referral discounts work? 


Every friend you refer via the “refer a friend” page on your DD101 Account Dashboard who then purchases using your unique link within 7 days of receiving it, will pass on the same store credits to you. (Your friend will get 10 store credits with the validity of 7 days to make a purchase, and you will also get 10 store credits with the validity of 30 days after delivery of your friend’s order is made.)


These discounts do not accumulate. The same discount is given for each friend successfully referred. 


For example, 

If you refer Linda and Linda makes a purchase, you get 10 store credits. 

If you refer Chris and Chris purchases, you get another 10 store credits. 


PS: Linda will only receive her store credit (first purchase discount) if she is new to DD101 who hasn’t purchased any goods on shop.dd101solution.com (our official website) before. 


Store Credits given will automatically expire after the expiry date if not used. (For the validity period for the Store Credits, please find them in the referral section.)


What makes a successful referral? 


You refer a friend through your DD101 dashboard, by sending your unique member referral link to your friend. They then make a purchase 

Remember, they have to be new customers who have not purchased on our website (shop.dd101solution.com) before. 


Can anyone be part of DD101 Loyalty Program? 


Everyone is eligible for the loyalty program! Click here to join us now! 

If you have already registered, log in to check out your member points and store credits. 


I am already a customer of DD101, do I need to join again? Is my previous spend included? 


As we have just launched our ProjectDD101 Loyalty Program, unfortunately, your previous spendings will not be counted, however, welcome credits will be automatically credited to your accounts. 


Can I redeem my discount at stores where DD101 products are sold? 


Unfortunately, not. You can only claim your discounts at shop.dd101solution.com. 


I used to purchase via Shopee/Lazada, am I considered a member? 


Firstly, thank you for purchasing with us. Unfortunately, this membership loyalty program is only available and applicable to registration on our official website (shop.dd101solution.com). So for customers who purchased from us from other platforms, please come join our ProjectDD101 Loyalty Program for amazing rewards and perks! Click here to sign up. 


Participation and Membership 


Participation in the Program is only open to all DD101 customers that have access to our online stores. If you are under the age of 18 years, you must have a parental/guardian approval to opt in to the program, and further, your parent/guardian must read and consent to these Terms & Conditions. These Terms and Conditions will be accepted by you and will be binding on you at the time of opting in. If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions please do not participate in the Program. 


Calculation of DD101 Member Points 


Purchase on our online stores will be converted into points provided you use the email address associated with your DD101 account. The DD101 Loyalty Program is calculated at “Subtotal” and excludes delivery charges. 


Your DD101 Member Points will be calculated and accumulated  - expiring on the 00:00, 1st of January every year. Your point balance is accessible in real-time. However, additional points/rewards after actions are made will take up to 72 hours to reflect on your dashboard.  DD101 reserves the right to change point balances if it believes someone is unfairly accumulating points, not within the rules set out in this document. Program Spend will not be calculated more than once. 


Points earned as part of this loyalty program are redeemable only on shop.dd101solution.com in the form of DD101 Cash Vouchers and Free Gifts.




A Referral is defined as a purchase made by a customer (the ‘referred customer’) through exclusively using another customer’s (the ‘referring customer’) unique referral discount code. If a referred customer does not use the unique link that you have shared to him/her from your DD101 Member Dashboard,  this purchase will not count as a Referral. For every unique purchase made by a customer because of a referral, the referring customer will get the returned discount amount (as part of store credits stated in campaign rules) as part of the program. Referrals are subject to verification, they must be a new customer to Frank and have not purchased on shop.dd101solution.com. DD101 may withhold the offer for a referral where it deems a customer has referred a customer under fraudulent or suspicious circumstances and/or are in violation of these Terms and conditions.


Rewards / Perks 

Any rewards, gifts, benefits or offers communicated as part of the DD101 Loyalty Program may include specific offer terms and conditions, including expiry dates and redemption conditions. You should read these Terms and Conditions carefully. Only DD101 members who receive our communications are eligible to use and redeem any rewards, gifts, benefits or offers. All offers, gifts, benefits or rewards are not transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash or equivalent.

All DD101 gifts, benefits or offers are subject to availability. DD101 is not liable for any rewards, gifts, benefits or offers not being available for any reason.

If you have opted-out of receiving our DD101 communications you will not be eligible to receive any rewards or perks of the program.

DD101 reserves the right to change or withdraw the ProjectDD101 rewards and giveaways and these terms at any time without notice.

Suspension and/or Termination

DD101 may immediately suspend or terminate your participation in the DD101 Program without further notice if you: (a) have breached these Terms and Conditions; (b) have engaged, or may engage, in fraudulent conduct, or conduct that is suspected to be fraudulent, in relation to DD101, the ProjectDD101 Loyalty Program or your Customer file; (c) have engaged in inappropriate conduct that undermines the reputation or legitimate interests of DD101; (d) have supplied or are attempting to supply false or misleading information to DD101; (e) are selling, assigning, transferring, acquiring, or offering to sell, assign, transfer or acquire any DD101 awards, gifts, offers or benefits other than in accordance with these Terms and Conditions; (f) act in a hostile, abusive or aggressive manner towards any DD101 staff or any other Customers online; or (g) become bankrupt.

Where your right to participate in the DD101 Loyalty Program is suspended or terminated, any benefits, rewards and rights and DD101 member status you may have at that time under the DD101 Loyalty Program shall thereby suspend or terminate (as the case may be).

The Customer’s participation in the DD101 Loyalty Program may be terminated by either DD101 or the Customer by providing the other party with at least 30 days written notice.

Have more questions about our ProjectDD101 Loyalty Program? Our Happy Customer Service Officers are here to help! Just send us a message!